I am a Green person!!

August 2nd, 2010

Colour is one of my favorite things, I love to see the way different shades work together to create something almost magical. In my mind, the more colour you add to something the better!! I do see the appeal of two colour quilts, but I prefer the visual interest of a very colourful quilt. I am always very intrigued to watch someone else choosing fabrics for a quilt because colour sense is a very personal thing and no 2 people will choose exactly the same fabrics. It is one of the highlights of my job! You can really tell when someone has found the right choice to their eye, because they light up. I feel the same way when choosing the colours for my own quilts.

I love the colour Green!! I like all shades and values of green, from pale sage to deep hunter and everything in between. I always tend to gravitate towards prints that have plenty of green in them. I find it is a colour that has very few enemies and it plays well with most other colours. I use at least a little green in almost all of my quilts because it makes me happy, and I like to be happy!!

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